In the second half of the 4 g mobile phone will become the market mainstream is the inevitable trend, but the 3 g standard mobile phones will not disappear immediately, only new product there will be fewer in number three, five modes mobile phone will become the backbone.As themediatekLTE modem production, attached to the mediatek platform of small and medium-sized brand also opened up the road of 4 g, shenzhen many brand began to transition to 4 g, a big wave built-in MTK LTE solution of 4 g phones listed.

Bluboo then boarded the 4 g express, an internal model for Bluboo X4 product has disclosed.

MT6582 + MT6290 scheme bluboo X4 new exposure-86DIGI

This phone is BLUBOO brand's first 4 g system products, adopt the latest launch of mediatekMT6582M (1.3 GHz quad-core) +MT6290Dual chip solutions, according to official data show, Bluboo X4 can manage the two mainstream TDD LTE and FDD - LTE 4 g networks, compatible WCDMA/td-scdma and GSM, is a can support five products.

Although network cover comprehensive, X4 itself is not products for the high-end market, however, the machine just 4.5 inch screen size, resolution FWVGA level is 854 * 480, adopted the IPS technology.Memory size also is weak, for 512 MB RAM + 4 g ROMCollocation, provided 2 million + 5 million pixels dual cameras, the system is the latest Android 4.42 kitkat.

MT6582 + MT6290 scheme bluboo X4 new exposure-86DIGI

Remarkably bluboo X4 appearance design is more distinctive, the black box in the fuselage lap as if the machine can be divided into two and a half, bring different visual effect, moreover after the back shell is also introduced lattice texture design, the receiver, buttons, and the speaker with pictures and cameras, parts of the red dragon point crystal, the machine size is 134.3 * 65.5 * 65.5 mm.

The phone should be and we at the time of exposureX2, will take the lead in the overseas listing, domestic sale will remains to be further understanding.