5.5 in six nuclear double card version “OPPO N1” also

Remember thatThe OPPO N1 iNew, new spirit alike?Now it’s finally listed, provided to the overseas users to buy first, due to various reasons, temporarily don’t expect bought in China.

The phone hang brand was iNew, complete models for iNew V8, V8 profile similar to OPPO N1, not only more cattle is essence in the design of the N1 – flip cameras also added to himself without reservation.

inew V8

Did not look even, the modelling of iNew V3 is simply another OPPO N1 mini, V3 cameras and N1, can support maximum 210 degrees to rotate and stay at any Angle, the main camera pixels for 13 million, at the same time can serve as take the Angle of the camera head.Fine point of the design have difference, such as the location of the speaker, N1 loudspeaker design at the bottom of the fuselage, iNew V3 is in the lower back, other part of the buttons, interface, etc. There are obviously different.

INew V3 screen isn’t in N1, have also reached 5.5 inches, N1 mini is slightly larger than recently listed, size different nature, measurements is 155 * 77 * 8.3 mm, the thickness of the thinner than N1.

This new product is one of the few use MTK MT6591Six core processor of the products, the main frequency of 1.5 GHz, with 1 gb of memory and 16 gb of storage space, there is Micro SD card slot for extensions, 5.5 -inch screen USES the 720 p resolution, the standard 2400 ma batteries, support for replacement, support WCDMA/GSM dual sim standby.

Data shows, iNew V3 also support NFC and OTG function, but the price is less than half of N1, the machine is an average of about $250, or about 1550 yuan.

INew V8 real machine photos:

inew V8

inew V8

inew V8

iNew V8

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