HTC to launch under the low-end market strategy, much of near $one thousand new products in the market this year, some of them carrymediatekMT6592Eight core processor products - HTC D616W, this machine is also the HTC first eight nuclear smartphone.

D616W domestic trading version of the listed price is not cheap, starting price is as high as 1699 yuan, nearly D816 price, online from suning exclusive first sale, nearly time finally started to cut the price of this phone, suning now report the historic low of 1499 yuan, is much cheaper than the original price 200 yuan, other online channels, the average price of the machine has dropped to 1200 yuan.

5 in the eight nuclear HTC D616W prices finally loose-86DIGI

Wellborn D616W in design has a very strong wind to HTC, near the fuselage there are larger radian, positive LOGO, placed at the bottom of the screen, and because of that design inside the machine set of keys on the screen, design of virtual buttons on HTC products are not uncommon, multilayer "chin" also became a major feature of HTC phones.

5 in the eight nuclear HTC D616W prices finally loose-86DIGI

If only look at HTC D616W configuration, the basis of on the parameters of the competition has fast peak in the domestic market is really small, the machine has five inches 720 p resolution of IPS and dual cameras, 2 million + 8 million pixel screen processor is 1.7 GHz main frequencyMT6592Eight nuclear, with 1 g RAM + 4 g ROMMemory and 2000 milliampere battery, based on the Android 4.2 custom UI interface, add the individuality characteristic such as movie clip, information aggregation, networks can support WCDMA + GSM double card double stay.this

HTC D616W HTC is open the low-end market products, because of positioning, the price of the machine and D616W gap is not big, but with specifications, the price cut just may not be the same product.