Recently has been exposed, a model for onlyS2LAircraft, the aircraft to carry the frequency of 1.3 GHz main quad-core processors, support 4 g networks, suspected MTK is adopted MT6582LTE project, combined with the latest news, confirmed that one could only prepared many MTK 4 g mobile phone, and a model for C9 only new product appearance.

Miss this machine have the alias "understand", and hunan satellite TV's scene comedy "miss understand" name, don't have to guess it is a fashionable young women user oriented smartphone, just product is different, and one only ever understand miss C9 photo specifications such as more powerful than part iSuper series models.

Take pictures, screen, or focus, with flower only C9 before 5 million of after 5 million pixels high dual cameras is tie-in, still support the magic mirror CAM applications, 5 inches 720 p resolution screens, running for 1 gb of memory, operation system, based on Android 4.42 depth custom support HALL IC, etc.

, only C9 and S2L alike, although released core processor is 1.3 GHz, as the four core design, but the auspicious auspicious number have not been made public, now can support LTE connected and frequency of 1.3 GHz is 4 g solution also only MTK6582, so C9 carry MT6582 quad-core processors the possibility of more than a little, according to official data show that C9 can support the td-scdma LTE/td-scdma and GSM network.

Flower only to women as potential users, so the design of the new C9 fashion, there will be a white + green small new black color and white version, all also only 8 mm thickness.

Flower C9 confirmation will only start on the 16th of this month, online sales, cooperation first pin channel for jingdong, price not to open.

Support LTE/color and fresh flowers only C9 online-86DIGI
Support LTE/color and fresh flowers only C9 online-86DIGI