On July 1,mediatekFor the amount of output of goodsMT6595Resolution will be held eight nuclear LTE chip technology, the analysis will focus on the media to introduce MT6595 adopted advanced technology, features, etc., to prepare for MT6595 listed, the MT6595 will begin in August quantity output goods, predictably, a large number of USES MT6595 chip product already in the pipeline.

MT6595 August shipment A large number of new confidential-86DIGI

MT6595 is the most powerful mobile SOC mediatek current specifications, its first USES the ARM architecture A17 architecture, by big, LITTLE architecture will be four A17 CPU and A7 CPU integrated together, standard moderator frequency up to 2.2 GHz, GPU chose the IMG PowerVR G6200.Performance products improved than before, at the same time, MT6595 with developed based on heterogeneous multitasking architecture CorePilot technology, high performance and low power consumption, give attention to two or morethings to task according to the size of intelligent load distribution, need nuclear size with open, free time reducing power consumption.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

MT6595 another big characteristic is integrated with Modem, mediatek own LTE support TD - LTE/FDD - LTE/WCDMA (DC - HSPA +)/td-scdma/GSM and EGDG/GPRS voice and data connections, covering the world's major communication mode, in addition is combined with mediatek their rf chip can realize support global more than 30 frequencies, good compatibility.

Features, due to the integrated PowerVR G6200 high-end graphics processor, MTK MT6595 multimedia powerful, supports h. 265 codec, 4 k video recording, support 2 k and 20000000 megapixel camera screen, higher quality audio, etc.In addition to the new standards may also support, such as start, eMMC5.0, can support a dual-channel DDR3 memory (933 MHZ).

MT6595 August shipment A large number of new confidential-86DIGI

Mass production time, August MT6595 can shipment, as mediatek's current flagship product, MT6595 will supply to cooperation first in-depth brand as well as a line, such as, TCL, domestic four gold instant customer, in addition the meizu also pioneered carry MT6595 4 g phones.There will be more than expected in July MT6595 mobile phones will be released, there may be a cool 2 generations a great god, zte upgrade for red bull and red rice 4 g version, and TCL also likely starting MT6595, Alcatel brand D820 early exposure, also should not fall in progress.

Mediatek layout has been very clear, the second half of this year in the third quarter of this year will be released 64 LTE SOC MT6732andMT6752, both of which are respectively 4 and 8 core (architecture (A53), SONY has plans to roll out much money transfer using MTK 64 chips for smartphones.And telecommunication products, telecom support 4 g / 3 g / 2 g solution will launch next year, plan for end in mediatek's super power.