In order to let users know more about its first high-end chip,On July 1, mediatek held a technology for MT6595 parsingBy the official explanationThe characteristics of MT6595And adopted by the technical, functions also show a lot of detail.

As is known to allMT6595One of the most important feature is the multimedia function, support HEVC/h. 265 4 k * 2 k level video playback low power consumption, and the mainstream of the current mobile phone screen resolution is 1080 p and 720 p, in order to more clearly show the details of the high clear video content,mediatekUpon MT6595 join the play randomly size scaling functions, as you expandThe pictureOperation, can clearly see each fine point, the function is a very thoughtful design.

Want to learn more, you can see below MT6595 prototype show video scaling function of the video: