Glory glory earlier products, 3 c series sales to populist pricing to become stars, although 3 x is much higher than 3 c, but with the 3 g, high-definition screen and the characteristics of large batteries also have a lot of users, for the two pioneering product, huawei has been designed for their multiple versions, to take care of more users have requirements on prices.

3 x 3 c aside, glory is currently sold in version has three, respectively is the standard version, chang play version and enhanced, chang play version of the price is the cheapest and most attention by netizens, still need to make an appointment for the moment, but can spot buy suit version contains many parts, the price is more expensive.Glory 3 x standard and 3 x PRO has recently started to open the supplies, the jingdong mall can spot, sold out so far.

Specification higher the glory of the 3 x PRO sells for 1698 yuan, at present most parts of the country all have inventory, 3 x standard is much cheaper than the PRO one hundred yuan, sales of 1598 yuan, order also can get the original sticker and the 16 gb memory card, the two versions have the function of 3 g, is carryingMT6592H eight core processor, there's a difference is 3 x PRO screen, memory, more small specification, such as the PRO 1080 p resolution with 5 inch screen DDR3 + 16 g and 2 g ROMMemory, and after the shell technology has improved.This article from MTK phone

In official store, on July 8, 10, 8 points will be up, if don't want to, can consider to jingdong.

Open to sell!Glory PRO / 3 x 3 x both the spot-86DIGI