Unicom mobile 4 g/double version Gold fighter A8 lowest

On July 2, lenovo mobile is finally open to the world gold fighter 2 generation of new relevant configuration information, called a new generation of productsGold fighter A8, there is very mainstream configuration, then the price of the machine was exposed.

Really have double version plan A8, respectively is mobile version 4 g 4 g version with unicom, the price of the two versions are very friendly, move the 4 g version for only 798 yuan, and unicom 4 g version is only 898 yuan, the price is very to force!

Gold fighter A8

Unicom mobile 4 g and 4 g editions of the difference is obvious, is the network system, basic specifications, are 1.7 GHz main frequencyMT6592LTE version 8 core processor, memory specifications with 2 g RAM (DDR3) + 16 g ROMCollocation, support extension, at the same time, there are 13 million pixels BSI – 3 of the third generation back illuminated the main camera and 5 million pixels take camera equipment, display size is the mainstream, is 5 inches 720 p resolution, the standard 2500 ma batteries, adopted can change the design.In addition, the machine design features that have simulation skin back shell, a variety of colors and the thin thickness less than 9 mm.

Gold fighter A8 will be superstar kobe Bryant endorsements, throw aside, the marketing elements on the product itself, many 4 g products within the price one thousand yuan, lenovo gold fighter A8 pricing can be referred to as honest, only have seconds kill their latest specifications on the market of S810T.Only a temporary haven’t specific launch time, look forward to an early listing.

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