Faced with low price alone has lost the effect, the mobile phone market competition heats up, didn't give up the brand to seek a breakthrough, to have the characteristic of selling point to attract customers attention, green phone recently began in such aspects as system, waterproof, X1 upgrading of its eight nuclear products.

Green, on the other hand, mobile phone's new products are gaining momentum, the official launch time is finally, new conference will be held in Beijing in July 3.

Green 4 g new product release 3, the world’s third security-86DIGI

This phone has a small amount of news before exposure, is one of the featured support 4 g netcom, unicom, mobile and telecom three kinds of 4 g networks, selling point # 2 is the mystery of the operating system to join.About new products, has a more clear message, scallions, new flagship security, so-called "the world's third safety mobile phone", will give the user the use of a safe environment, will obviously in the aspect of system power.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

When it comes to security, many netizens are associated with the recently released with state960 OS, officials said 960 OS independent spent nine years research and development, provide the system level protection, from the bottom to protect mobile phone information security.Green phone may cooperate with with chau, green products will carry 960 OS, with security as a selling point all its own.

Green 4 g new product release 3, the world’s third security-86DIGI

Also recently revealed a green new photos, the design of the front and the state is similar to the first security phone 960 e, perhaps scallions, new is 960 e customised version, also means that the opportunity is Xiao dragon 400 processor, 5.5 -inch 1080 p screen / 16 g and 2 g RAM ROM, 13 million pixels SONY stack type camera configuration.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

This is just a guess, the truth will be announced on Thursday (3) at 2 PM, if it is really sold 1888 yuan 960 e custom version, do you think of the green price to open mobile phone will give new determine what kind of price?