Tablet is one thousand yuan this year, eight nuclear calls a strong rise, call on the number of domestic brands have successively entered this field, to a larger screen, grade one thousand yuan prices to attract fans to buy, in fact, pay attention to this net friend indeed many, in these brand, nair ployer tome as early as the middle of April to the outside world announced it would launch a codeMomo beastMomo (so) of eight nuclear domestic cross-border equipment, but today still unlisted, hard to avoid lets a person suspected of "difficult".

In a few days ago, officials make notes on what product line, including mentioned momo beast, this product is not dead, very likely in the near future is expected to officially listed.

Officials said this month will be "two blockbuster products" into the market, momo beast should be in this column, shanshan belated momo so will with "ultra-low prices listed", according to early public data shows, momo beast pricing is 9 xx yuan, now other brands of eight nuclear tablet phone call + 2 g RAM (6592/8392) of the average price in one thousand yuan to fluctuate, nair aspects say's "tangible benefits" may imply momo beast 16 g version of the listed price will break 900 yuan.

In addition to the 16 g version, momo beast and the 32 gb version, both versions will carry the MTK MT8392 eight nuclear SOC, with 2 gb of memory, 6.95 -inch 1920 * 1200 resolution of IPS screen, in addition to the new product will use 13 million pixels high-definition cameras, battery capacity is 4000 ma, run Android 4.2 system.This product is a integrated design appearance, back is time frames, thickness may be relatively thin.

6.95 in eight nuclear’s nair momo beast is coming at last-86DIGI

6.95 in eight nuclear’s nair momo beast is coming at last-86DIGI
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