Lush dipper mobile web phones at a rapid pace to set the 4 g era to catch the time early, unfortunately a second-tier brands on the market one thousand yuan or even hundreds of yuan's 4 g product has a large, green LTE mobile phone can't create surprise again on the price, the price competitiveness of 699 yuan is not prominent.

4 g is a big trend, a product under the green phone can also support LTE networks, and according to the latest official release of the message, the phone stunt also many.

Turning Grosvenor LTD handsome Green 4 g netcom all-86DIGI

Exposure of scallions, new real machine as revealed by a small amount of information about the machine, this kind of mobile phone design and green product quite different recently, positive look very concise, radian is around the corner, the box part of the metallic simple sense.In addition to the screen after quench as a whole is black, estimated the full joint technology is adopted, at the same time by holding position to speculate that green new screen size may be 5-5.5 inches, the latter is more likely.

The highlight of the 4 g product has unveiled two, one is able to support telecom, mobile and unicom's 4 g network, achieve the 4 g, can support the td-scdma LTE FDD - LTE and the corresponding frequencies, is likely to be the mobile phone five modules.Green 4 g phone another selling point for the system, it is said that the opportunity to pick up a system of "cow X", but the answer is not public, are expected to cooperate with domestic famous third-party OS, such as beautiful MIUI.

Usually start to official report, green products will be listed soon, this time should also need not wait too long, what did new edge, to wait and see.