Lenovo mobile in the second half began to 4 g as the main, the subsequent launch of new products, 4 g phones will occupy absolute proportion, this kind of symptom reflected in lenovo's recent new body, forthcomingGold fighter 2Is a can support LTE products.

Official started to open some characteristics of the gold fighter 2, days before he positive confirmation, the chance to support 4 g LTE network, latest news more clearly revealed that the S8 gold fighter 2 and generation products, will continue to pick upmediatekSmartphone solutions, and is the mainstream of eight core platform.

Below picture can see chips have marked "MediaTek" LOGO, and there are as many as eight chip number, xinji carrying eight nuclear chip has no doubt ask MTK, combined with other gold fighter 2 can support the feature analysis of the LTE, the machine should be usedMT6592On the LTE version chip, combined with LTE MODEM support 4 g networks, there are news thought to beMT6595, but the possibility is not high, the time is not consistent.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

Gold 2 generation fighter has entered into the state of timing, recently will soon and meet you, after the previous generation product S8 hone, gold fighter should be more perfect and more worth looking forward to the next generation of products.

Lenovo gold fighter 2 will pick up the MTK eight cores-86DIGI