Mass products listed on the mobile phone chips, not the biggest concern is obviously MTKMT6595, the SOC can support more than five mode frequency of 4 g networks, in all aspects of the specification is all mediatek chips, compatibility is also in place, can even support eMMC5.0 and start has not been widespread popularization of the new standard/technology.

Is likely to take the lead in put out MT6595 the list of the mobile phone, there is enough evidence to show that the meizu will be one of the first obtain MT6595 supply manufacturers, andCarrying MTK6595 platform of meizu phone could be released in JulyBecause until an article, and samsung chip replace platform meizu recently great attention by the media.Another close and mediatek brand sit not to live, that's right, it is TCL, before the official side, TCL will really start MT6595 manufacturers.

A public by a third partyThe pictureContaining mystery, zte, huawei, TCL, meizu "based on" playing flying chess, TCL in the eight nuclear LTE fight crazy lead, this is clearly telling everybody, TCL is ready, a big wave with MTK chip 8-core LTE mobile phone has been imminent.

These play in the home, meizu is needless to say, using the MTK LTE SOC rumors push new hyped already a long time, huawei, zte and mediatek's cooperation, also introduced based on mediatek LTE solution of smart phone is only a matter of sooner or later, like lenovo, cool, and could be the first adopt MT6595 vendors, but sources said the best chance of TCL first received mediatek MT6595 chip suppliers, lead on time.

It was not long ago, Alcatel brandOne Touch D820Exposure, become the first to confirm this product carry MT6595 smartphone, as TCL communication, main overseas markets of Alcatel products with TCL brand name list at home, which took the lead exposure, has also proven to TCL has been fully prepared.

TCL will take the lead in MT6595 mobile-86DIGI