Physical phone trade convention 2014 officially open, many telecommunications 4 g product to exposure, these products are mostly carry the Xiao dragon processor, qualcomm influence can be seen in the telecommunications market.In fact for telecommunications, qualcomm old adversarymediatekThis year, the layout of the early, formal and via its farce dentsu reached cooperation, for the latterCDMA2000 license, borrow VIA telecommunications technology get their products to support the telecom network.

Recently mediatek telecom time to market for news, 4 g chip integrated telecom CDMA network supportMTK mobile phoneThe chip may be officially listed in the second half of next year.

Mediatek 4 g telecommunications solutions-86DIGI

Although it is due to industry analystsSteven pan,News, but seems to and from the original production, there are differences between the early news show mediatek telecommunication is the fastest 4 g mobile phone chips available early next year, and the latest rumours suggest need to wait for the second half of next year, according to the mediatek's current progress, may be such as the eight nuclear 4 g/LTE 64 chip as launch ahead of time, is the ideal time is listed on the first half of next year.

Before this, mediatek may take the lead in put out support CDMA eight core chip, for mobile phone manufacturers to provide another option besides qualcomm, this mediatek chairman Mr Mr Tsai was specified in an interview with the media, "the CDMA version of the eight core chip production soon".

Mediatek repeatedly acceleration in 4 g products, support five mode of LTE multifrequency MODEMMT6290Formal production, with itsMT6582MT6592Combined with the power price manufacturers to launch more populist 4 g mobile phone, and in the telecommunications market, CDMA patent, mediatek can launch the mould (FDD - LTE/TD - LTE/WCDMA/CDMA2000 / td-scdma/GSM) solutions, network coverage gradually perfect.