Huawei release 6 glory, the glory of 3 c

Huawei glory conference is successful “headlines”, on the night of the conference, the glory of 6 search index has soared, many in the industry were published in glory for the latest products, heat and P7 listed.Glory 6, 24, huawei also launched new products conference early exposure of 3 c telecommunications edition, glory cubic, another glory first wearable devices bracelet also formal appearance.

This conference is basically 6 glory, the glory after 4, even jump two levels of the glory of the 6 indeed brought a new feeling.Glory 6 integral style and generous, detail place, here the machine after the biggest bright spot is a shell, the six layer composite process, not only is it a fingerprint coating, and the double grain design, let the shell show after another;Glory, 6 measurements very domineering, equipped with 5 inch screen body width is only 69.7 mm, 7.5 mm thick, internal motherboard optimized design at the same time, save a space at the same time, the height of the machine synchronous decline, only 139.6 mm.

Glory 6 was the first to pick up their haisi Kirin 920 eight core chip (Kirin 920), the size of nuclear main frequency is 1.7/1.3 GHz respectively, support the CAT 6 connection (maximum 300 MBPS downstream), compatible with the td-scdma LTE/td-scdma/GSM single card standby, 5 inch screen LTPS technology USES the 1080 p resolution, built-in 3 gb of memory, there are two storage version 16 gb, 32 gb, thin thickness, the machine of battery capacity has reached 3100 ma, and have their own intellectual power 2.0 power saving technology.Read 6 photo specifications have glory, SONY IMX214 13 million pixels main camera, leading to 5 million pixels, has the blue glass filter.This article from MTK phone

Four generation of glory given high praise by user’s infrared function continues to glory 6, can realize the remote control of home appliance, can intelligent learning, it also support dual-band WIFI, dual mic noise reduction technology, the built-in gyroscope sensor, etc.6 a little glory could have part of the net friend “opinion”, the machine as MATE2, buttons belong to precess design, integration within the screen, so take up a small amount of screen space.

Glory 6 to 25 begin to accept appointment at 10 a.m. 08 points, 16 g version with the 32 gb version of the price is $1999 / $2299, respectively, on July 1, officially starting up, the glory of 3 c telecommunications version of the low price and 3 c mobile with version, is 798 yuan, set a wireless router, and the glory of the box and storage functions in one cubic sells for 598 yuan to 998 yuan (1 t), intelligent bracelet to sell 888 yuan, after the three versions of the sale of an appointment time agree with glory 6, in addition to jingdong, huawei mall, can also in micro the letter to make an appointment.

The glory of 6

The glory of 6

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