In 2014 still made products MTK6589 domestic manufacturers is not much, Haier is one of them, Haier mobile phone seems to be very loving the chip, has been introduced with itI860/ W860 series products, 5 inch screen + 1 gb of memory as low as 499 yuan price had captured a lot of the pursuit of low prices smartphone users.

Haier again in recently built a quad-core for the entry-level market, new, new models for haier I857, can be regarded as completely I860 successor, also have low to the blasting cost.

Put together with I857 I860, don't watch carefully you will it is difficult to distinguish between the two phones, both are similar, the outline of detail is slightly different.I857 more founder, the front there is no front camera, G3 logo on the front right corner.Another I857 in box is flat design, drawing texture, made into the metal effect, the back of the handle and I860 close, but more I857 LED light, this is what I860 does not have.

Core configuration, the product is equipped with 5 inches FWVGA high-resolution TFT screen and a 5000000 megapixel camera, using MTK6589 quad-core processor, 512 MB of RAM + 4 g ROMThe combination of memory, the standard 2000 milliampere batteries, support td-scdma/GSM network, the system is Android 4.2, the light, distance and gravity three sensors are equipped.

Haier I857 official guidance price is 500 yuan, but the market has fallen to 399 yuan to sell, at present China mobile official flagship store will be able to buy at this price.

5 inches haier I857 quad-core machine for 399 yuan-86DIGI
5 inches haier I857 quad-core machine for 399 yuan-86DIGI