Honor its brand, its products are increasingly rich rise, not only to launch smartphones make electric commercial war field, the perimeter of the smart devices have, want to build a complete chain of intention is very obvious.When it comes to smart phones, glory products, 3 x is a real classic models, especially after the upgrade PRO version, have the potential to become in the high-end products of the star machine, double card double 3 g, a 1080 p screen, save electricity, eight nuclear + big batteries, etc., each one can attract everyone's eyes.

Huawei honor after all the product release step-by-step in the official mall, jingdong mall, in the form of snapping up today (24) 8 10 points and a new round of sale is about to open, and the usual different is, this time the availability for a slight change.

In this batch of sale activities, the rules are changedGlory 3 x Pro, it's white version will be released for the first time in jingdong mall, need to make an appointment to snap up, and in huawei VMALL mall, black and white version of the 3 x PRO directly to snap up all walk-in, sells for 1698 yuan.The glory of the $998 plus the 3 x cheong play version and 3 c and X1 version 3 g / 4 g version will be on sale, only chang play version of the need to make an appointment, other products are all spot open to buy, but only huawei mall.This article from MTK phone http://www.mtksj.com

In 24, on the same day, honor the new conference will be held, glory 6, of course, is the leading role, and the glory of 3 c telecommunications version and glory cubic, intelligent bracelet/accessories such as new product may appear in the conference.

Double 3 g / 1080 p Huawei honor 3 x PRO white version-86DIGI