DOOV flower only while the women go offline market, but for the understanding of trend are also very active, has recently launched a T90 / T60 two 4 g mobile phone, then there is a new fashionFlowers only S2LWill be available, the most recent one aspect has begun to tout S2L, the machine time to market a little disclosure.

1.3 GHz four nuclear power support 4 g S2L listed only-86DIGI

The spectrum of the news that one only S2L can choose formal land domestic market during the summer vacation, time range probably in July - August, choose the purpose of listing in the period of time should be aimed at the pursuit of fashion student users.In addition a S2L USES only 1.3 GHz is the main frequency of quad-core processors, can support the 4 g network, is expected to adoptMT6582LTE chip, using themediatekLTE solution of end products listed time is around July, time is consistent.

Flower S2L has beautiful design, equipped with 5 inches 720 p resolution screen flower only S2L size 143.6 * 71.28 * 71.28 mm, width, height and thickness is pretty good, plus on IML technology, diamond texture, shell and red and white color, S2L fashionable van is enough, have the potential to attract female attention.

Core of the network department, are only S2L can support the td-scdma LTE and td-scdma/GSM, but equipped with a SIM screens, only can support the standard SIM card, built-in 1 g RAM + 8 gROMMemory and 2000 milliampere battery run customized Android 4.42 system.Pictures by flower only products has always been the focus of specifications also prominent, the machine before 5 million after 5 million pixels dual cameras, built-in mirror CAM2.0.