By four nuclear version upgrade Doug DG650S eight nuclear device

Doug/Doogee recent new product quantity many, including the design of the products are not fake, this strong out many other main export of same brand, launched a new version update product line at the same time, doug recently launched an upgraded products – DG650S, this machine on the basis of four nuclear version upgrade, but there is also a part of the specification.

Doug DG650S

Suffixes on no more than a “S” before Doogee doug DG650 is a pick upMTK6589TQuad-core processors products, listed after DG650S adopted againmediatekMT6592Eight core processor, this is one of the upgrade.Another, there is upgrade is the system did not use kitkat, but by the Android 4.2 upgrade to the Android 4.3;Finally according to specifications, although still a 6.5 -inch 1080 p screen, but used the LTPS low-temperature polysilicon technology, maintain a high visual Angle at the same time, more energy saving.

Where something is the memory of the machine parts, DG650S running memory but higher than four nuclear version, the original four nuclear version of the operation of the built-in 2 gb memory, after upgrading into 1 gb, size or 16 gb internal storage space, make such adjustments may be in order to reduce the cost.

Doug DG650S

Rest of the specifications of the basically no change, this kind of doug’s biggest screen smart phone battery capacity has reached 3500 ma, there are 8 mp before and after 16 mp camera, support WCDMA/GSM double card double stay and NFC and OTG function, sells for about $300, or about RMB 1800-1900.

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