Cyber space owned by friends cinda brand is main export with the electric company, last year, and ali cloud cooperation launched products, mobile phone system for fashion design are a lot of net friend, and friends cinda products are mostly MTK solution, even if is the latest 4 g phone is no exception.

Friends in recently, cinda and new product launch, this new friends called cinda X7 4 g, people familiar with the revealed some core content to us, is worth to pay close attention to this kind of mobile phone place - confirm will use MTK6582 LTE quad-core chips.

Using MT6582 LTE quad-core processors friends cinda X7 4 g exposure-86DIGI

X7 4 g core configuration information sheet shows that the machine will use MTK6582 quad-core processor (1.3 GHz frequency), and joinedMT6290Data chip, can support FDD - LTE/WCDMA and GSM network, it is clear that this is a unicom 4 g phones.Voice solution USES a SG - LTE technology, which can realize voice calls and network online at the same time.

This machine is a prominent point may carry the Android 4.4 kitkat, its new operating system, which is builtmediatekA feature of the 4 g solution products, currently has exposed many MTK 4 g phones are kit kat system.Friends and other specifications are common, cinda X7 4 g with 5 inch qHD IPS screen resolution, and adopted the OGS whole joint technology, memory 1 g RAM + 4 g ROM, 2200 ma batteries, front-facing camera to 2 million pixels, the rear 8 million pixels main camera, support double wheat noise reduction technique.

Using MT6582 LTE quad-core processors friends cinda X7 4 g exposure-86DIGI

Friends cinda X7 4 g version of the design and U series U1 is closer, the fuselage radian bigger, measurements of 140 * 70.5 * 70.5 mm, margin width control is still good, color is white, brown and blue three different choices.

From the point of the network mode of support, X7 4 g is likely to take the lead in sold abroad, in addition has been exposedX1 LimitAlso will come out soon, reliable news show the X1 will also support the 4 g network, interested friends can pay attention to.