Support will to 100 + V6 unicom WCDMA network section

Since its establishment, the 100 + phone repeatedly adopts the model of cooperation with other customised products, even the latest listing100+V6Mobile phones, is also love hanging in the video phone, the name of and behind the shadow of baidu.The phone hit the market in early may, a month later, the machine disguised depreciate enjoyed edition, the original 16 g version for 1288 yuan, but no longer love in the year, and the 32 gb version also has a small drop one hundred yuan, can the spot buy in the website.

For users to use unicom 3 g network, support unicom WCDMAM version is ideal, through the new understanding to the information that 100 + V6 unicom version is not far off.

At present in the official store to buy the page has been able to find unicom version, but is in a state of don’t have a choice, in addition internal model for 100 the cw’s new also appear on the ministry’s website, equipment type for WCDMA digital mobile phones, can support the WCDMA/GSM network, design and mobile version is consistent, for 100 + V6 unicom version.This article from MTK phone

Puzzling is that the ministry data shows this machine is 1.7 GHz main frequency of the eight core processor, and the mobile version is carryingMT6592T (Turbo version), the main frequency up to 2 GHZ, unicom version will adjust processor?Besides processor, 100 + V6 unicom version is still a 5.5 -inch 1080 p resolution screens, running memory is 2 gb, run android 4.2 system, should not have too many other specifications.

According to information released 100 + V6 conference, 100 + V6 unicom version of the 16 g version price is 1788 yuan, the 32 gb version with higher price is 1888 yuan, perhaps as mobile, unicom, version of the official price or there will be adjusted.

100 + V6 unicom version

100 + V6 unicom version

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