Glory of 3C telecommunications version confirmation

Huawei honor official finally no longer hide, officially announced outward, the telecommunication product is bornGlory of 3 c telecommunicationsThe first time to the public, and parts of the machine design.

By comparing the glory 3 c version before, you will find that the telecom version has changed a lot, not only about “change” so simple, in the design of the difference is very obvious.Official for the glory of 3 c telecommunications version described in 4 words – to thin to the United States, “thin” will be one of the selling point of the machine, the thickness of the 3 c early version is about 9.2 mm, listed on the new 3 c thinner is a must, and from “to thin” speculated that perhaps between 7-8 mm, one of the most important is the main camera have no longer too obvious swelled.

Followed by the United States, each person has a different aesthetic standards of 3 c telecommunications version is true the United States it is impossible to say, but there is some change, telecom edition outline more round, curved edge is bigger.In addition the machine will also have a variety of color such as red, yellow, and blue color.

In addition on the renderings, attentive net friend is not hard to find, as Google suggest that the practice of new Android version, glory version 3 c telecom standby interface on 30 July 10 8 points, does this mean that the telecom version listed 3 c will need to wait until the end of July?It is a bit too long, and is the most optimistic estimates of glory 6 released this month 24, and the price is one thousand yuan.

New product, the support of 3 g networks already on the market with the X1, 3 x 3 c PRO, version 3 x chang play on June 18, spot open purchase, don’t want to, such as the user can think about it.

Glory of 3 c telecommunications

Glory of 3 c telecommunications

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