Carrying MT6595 alcatel One Touch D820 exposure

Listed in the third quarter of this year production is no suspense, the next hot topic is – who will take the lead in starting MT6595 eight nuclear LTE solution?andmediatekClosely cooperation manufacturers of natural is suspect object, such as TCL, it had been pioneered new carry mediatek chips of terminals, first starting MT6595 possibility is very high.

Has the latest news just confirmed the speculation, TCL’s main overseas markets Alcatel a new handsets have appeared in the GFXBench database, the “One Touch D820 carried a MT6595 chip product, specification is strong.

According to the GFXBench public figures, Alcatel One Touch D820 carrying MT6595 eight core processor, shows the main frequency of such as beforeIn the mysterious MT6595 GFXBench mobile phoneFor 1898 MHZ, is expected to pick up 2 GHZ version.Screen size is very small, like SONY M36h is 4.6 inch screen, but the resolution is high, is 2560 * 1440, PPI is as high as the fate of 639!If the screen size data is correct, the pixel density is powerful.Moreover One Touch D820 have more and more high-end flagship with 3 gb of memory, about 16 gb of storage space, both before and after the two cameras are 8 million pixels (3264 * 2448 = 7.99 million), can support 4 k video shooting, system is Android 4.42.

One Touch D820 GFXBench test scores are released, compared with the earliest MT6595 products results from exposure, can obviously found that, under the same screen size of up to 2 k resolution D820 achievement is weak, only in the test the CPU and GPU Driver of the underlying communication Overhead links and link of grain filling.In addition to high levels of testing tyrannosaurus rex and haman scenarios, use 2 k screen D820 in offscreen model test results of 471 frames / 7.6 FPS, 1080 p is a large number of products in the middle of the screen.

GFXBench is mainly used for testing the performance of the GPU from multi-exposure results can tell, the PowerVR G6200 MT6595 and past GPU chip integration by the GPU is not the same level, can support the QHD screen is proof of that, but alcatel One Touch D820 really will use a 4.6 inch screen listing 2 k remains to be verified.

Alcatel ONE TOUCH D820

Alcatel ONE TOUCH D820
ONE TOUCH D820 test scores

MT6595 GFXBench test scores
Mysterious MT6595 models GFXBench test scores

Haman GFXBench 3.0 scene performance ranking
Haman GFXBench 3.0 scene performance ranking

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