Smartphone wireless charging solution from MOGU

MOGU wireless power used the current mainstream of electromagnetic induction tech., it conforms to QI international standard. Equipped with electromagnetic induction devices in the mobile terminal, and with dedicated wireless charger in the external at the same time, ensure that are being developed all kinds of wireless charging solutions with interoperability.

In June, the first wireless charging will be put on market, its case designed for iphone 5 and 5s. Implanted the latest wireless charging chip, making the iphone 5 and 5s with the function of wireless charging. It through a more rigorous research and development in efficiency, power consumption, safety, has a more comprehensive quality.


MOGU wireless charging efficiency reached more than 70% of the cable charging, the standby power was down to microwatt level; it used magnetic field that is harmless; Has a very strong electromagnetic field in the mobile phone airframe and charger coil,except is very weak; there is absolutely not high frequency electromagnetic radiation; Will not bring electromagnetic interference for others components or modules. Built in intelligent chip automatically shuo down after a full charge is not waste of electricity.

In the future, MOGU wireless power will develop more specialized wireless charging products and promote it was more widely popular, you can charge your mobile phone at all times and places.


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