appleapplicationStore a named Better Fonts Free application was deleted overnight, fifteen thousand comments.

On June 16,appleapplicationStore a named Better Fonts Free application was deleted overnight, fifteen thousand comments.At present, the application only 4000 comments.

Developers have no way to remove the comments, so that means is that apple will delete these comments.Looks like apple’s app store to actively remove false comments is in “combat”, and speed, the target of quasi, means of malicious “panic”, it seems, some rely on buy fake comments in order to enhance their number in the list of application developers need to “be careful”.

, so to speak, in the apple app store application software can be said to be A vast, can be washed up on the top of several application not only for its own affirmation, but also can realize quick money.Some far-fetched, therefore, the developers have developed a wide spectrum of applications but can think ranking, hiring ghostwriters to false comments, rating star, download applications became the most concise method.

Apple under the load Cleaning the more than ten thousand fake comments overnight

In the past, apple has warned developers, cannot use the special service control App Store ratings, however, the enthusiasm of the money let developers can’t stop buying comments.Apple, it seems, is finally out wouldn’t.

Now, apple is how to judge the false comments is uncertain, although most of the false evaluation using the wording and structure are very similar, is all sorts of praise.But does not rule out the possibility of some applications are especially popular.

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