appleToday in the morning in Beijing time, the official on the WWDC launched a new generation of mobile operating system iOS 8, and quite a number of new features in it.However, instant messaging WhatsApp co-founder Jane qom (Jan Koum) but not very happy, because apple called iMessage -- the new function "plagiarism" WhatsApp.

Was iOS8 nitpick WhatsApp said “plagiarism”-86DIGI

Qom on social networking sites post pointed out: "for the new apple operating system iOS 8 called iMessage -- 'reference service to be able to' functions of WhatsApp, I feel flattered."Although the qom did not specify the apple called iMessage -- to its update from what respect to copy the WhatsApp, but choose to insert in the conversation audio, video, and locate information is WhatsApp already take the lead to achieve the function.

In addition to voice messages, apple also shows "self-destruct" function of audio and video accessories.Apple pointed out that this function is to help users save mobile storage space, but in fact is likely to "burn after reading" photo sharing application Snapchat threat, a fortune which is the basis of automatic destruction of dialogue on time in the picture.

For apple, a spokesman for Snapchat by mail, said: "we are very excited to see other companies are also beginning to use the default delete functions."

Apple suspected "plagiarism" in addition to information services, it also shows a similar Dropbox and Box file storage system of the company's products up to Drive.For the above functions, Dropbox spokesman said "there is no can share information."Box CEO is on Twitter, meanwhile, praised apple allows up to realize the synchronization of the content of each platform.