6.44 in 32 g / 2 g + China CROSS will drop to 999 yuan

To follow the last time the tide came outChina CROSSLaunched two versions, one is the built-in Ali OS China red bull, a slow step is listed on the native Android version, with Android 4.2, which also appeared in the middle of May 1299 yuan of the history of the lowest price, but the price seems not CROSS limits.

About China before the official release of the wind, in the 618 meters CROSS electricity war on the same day there will be a real historical lowest price feedback user, on the day of purchase CORSS needs 999 yuan only.

China Cross

In a variety of low-priced products competitive now, the choice of 999 yuan price very much, but if you are familiar with the product, the price of 999 yuan should be worth.China CROSS set high configuration, in a better technology, and is the optimal m transformation product at the end of last year, the starting price was as high as 1799 yuan.

First to attract the attention of the machine screen, CROSS is equipped with a 6.44 -inch large screen, also achieved 1080 p resolution, USES is LTPS low-temperature polysilicon technology, supplemented by OGS laminating process, all only is superior to m’s most screen specifications.In addition the machine + 32 g and 2 g RAM ROMLarge memory and supports extensions, equipped with 8 million front and 13 million pixels stack type rear camera, SONY battery capacity up to 4180 ma.System is Android version 4.2, support WCMDA + GSM double card double stay, compatible HSPA + 42 m, support NFC, OTG, WIFI – Display and double wheat noise reduction function, such as gyro sensors such as comprehensive.

China Cross

Guarantee under the premise of high level configuration, optimum m CROSS process also has to watch, the machine is about 8.9 mm thick, width is about 90 mm, the shell has a texture design, at the same time joined the HOME button breathing lamp, inside is magnesium aluminum alloy frame, to switch to higher costs of typical vmlinux.lds antenna, but marks a lot.

Combined with the product itself, the favorable strength is enough big, indeed in the official 1399 yuan cut about $400, on the basis of sincerity, interested users don’t miss the June 18, promotions, auspicious situation will be announced at a later time.

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