By a guest mobile brand ChuangLian era last September officially entered the people line of sight, out of the first product is calledC ONE, the main function of "nanometer antiwear", C ONE play forward C series products listed follow-up, recently also launched a new K series products, including K1, K2 and K3, the three new handsets, and guest K2 is more outstanding.

Gen guest K2 exposure 5 inches 720 p/dazzle colour color screen-86DIGI

A guest appearance design of K2 grab an eye, more than the thickness of the thin and dazzle colour fashion color, according to official data show that the thickness of the K2 only 7.9 mm, the thinnest smartphone is a guest, the machine size is 143 * 71 * 7.9 mm.Color is also very rich, not only have regular black, white, also provided the red, green, yellow, blue and orange, a total of version up to seven.

The machine of some design details are also worthy of attention, from the point of rendering, less than 8 mm and guest K2 wasn't raised the main camera, after the shell seems more smooth.In addition the machine and chic HOME button, K2 page button displayed, with the red circle easily reminiscent of Nubia products that the iconic red circles.

Gen guest K2 exposure 5 inches 720 p/dazzle colour color screen-86DIGI

Gen guest K2 will carry the MTK MT6582Quad-core processors, memory specifications than ordinary, with 1 gb of memory and 4 gb of storage space, equipped with 5 inches 720 p resolution IPS screen, after the first 2 million, 8 million pixels dual cameras, support the WCDMA/GSM double card double stay, compatible with DC - HSPA + 42 m high-speed network.The device running android version 4.3 system, added a variety of body feeling interaction design, such as interest rates screen gestures to open the application and gestures to unlock, intelligent answer.

In addition to the above formal public basic information, such as price and time to market other temporarily haven't publicly, price is expected to be lower than C1.