Google android will be released this year in the latest generation, about the latest generation of android android 4.5 android 5.0, also has not been an official results.Before the media to the mainstream view is that Google will release android 4.5 rather than android 5.0, but now Google leaked himself!According to Google news released on Twitter, Google will release of android 5.0.If no accident, android 5.0 will be in the forthcoming Google I/O and we meet in the conference.

Google forecast android 5.0!And so the android 4.5-86DIGI
Google released a set of 5 images, the Nexus time is set by 5:00 (probably can't see here), the signal will be android 5.0

Google posted a message on Twitter, which included the Nexus of 5 images.Nexus 5 of the image in the top right corner of the time for "5:00 - note that this is Google hint!Google once many times in history in the new system released on the eve of the NexusMobile phoneTime forecast new system version, specific as follows:

- Nexus S,2:30,Gingerbread Android2.3

- Galaxy Nexus,4:00,Ice Cream Sandwith Android 4.0

- Nexus 4,4:20,Jelly Bean Android 4.2

- Nexus 5,4:40,KitKat Android 4.4

Visible, Google will purposely Nexus 5 time setting at 5:00, not accidentally, Google is clearly the trailer upcoming android 5.0 system.Google will be held at the end of this month's annual Google I/O developer conference, which should be able to learn more about the news of the android 5.0, hope!