Domestic established electronic enterprise manata focus education classes and small home appliance products, not only in recent years, along the smartphone popularization tide also launched a lot of smart phones, at the same time, manata will study education integration with smartphones, mobile phone series of intelligent study was made, a student user, but the market reaction is not high.

Silence after a period of time, manata phones will push more versions, there are a product is special, so it has a domineering name "mahatma", internal model for manata S510, so do you have any work miracles, it is a propaganda diagram exposes the machine part features.

Appearance, manata S510 the most eye-catching place should be the collocation of color, the color is contrast color, before and after the second the machine back with HTC wind, rendering shows after the shell of round shaped, the speaker hole design chic.

Manata S510 adopted another mainstream 5 inch screen, complementary with HD resolution level, and equipped with corning gorilla glass, the processor is a major highlight of the machine, the machine with the main frequency of 1.4 GHz eight core processor, is obviously the MTKMT6592M.In addition to these, the new product and 13 million pixels SONY cameras, and support HotKnot rapid transmission technology, the system also customized, integrated with a variety of body feeling black screen gestures to awaken in interaction design.

Although the current disclosed information is limited, but can certainly new S10 is the tallest manata date specification models, products than ever before in the screen, the CPU is strong out of many, but more auspicious situation information still need to further understand.