Also a six-core phone will be listed VSUN HEXA

In its overseas edition website, we found a new product – Vsun Hexa, see this name, you must have guessed, and a built-in six core processor product is born.

This phone straightforward way of naming, it’s easy to let person couplet to India karbonnTitanium Hexa, it is interesting to note two product design is also very similar, is a three-stage back design, just Vsun Hexa overall more founder, more masculine temperament, besides the design of fine point also have difference.

Carry Vsun Hexa configuration data is not complete, six core processor, is the MTK MT6591, the phone will also built-in kitkat Android 4.4 operating system, and through the custom, the screen size is 5 inches, levels of the HD display resolution, adopted is ON – all fit the screen of the Cell technology, can support the dual-band WIFI, other specifications need to be further understood.

According to the smell of it is by the movement of the recent, new Hexa may be designed for overseas customers to build, will be on sale in domestic market is still unknown.



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