Then low to break one thousand six inch eight-core is only 1099 yuan Lenovo S938T

Lenovo’s support China Unicom WCDMA 3G network 6 inches giant screen eight-core machine S939 has been across the board bargain to around 1,299 yuan, 3G mobile version S938T slow start followed by step-listed price, the S939 has a par online price trends, present the big business platform, easy fast network will be the first price adjustment to 1099 yuan Lenovo S938T, a few large B2C website in the price. Taobao system platform, the price to a thousand head, the machine is expected to have close to the bottom line price.


The main attraction S938T is reflected in the large screen and slim design, and systems of the three aspects of the design much to say, and S939 is no difference, the thickness of only 8.65mm, the back is a standard VIBE X style. The core selling point of this machine is a piece of 6-inch giant screen, using the OGS full lamination technique, the resolution is 1280 * 720, so that the display size in the big thousand machines in very few. Finally, the system began to focus more and more users to update the system, S938T in addition comes VIBE ROM, can be upgraded to Android 4.42 based on the depth of customization VIBE UI1.5, while the latest version of VIBE 2.0 will also begin adaptation.

Other specifications for the parameters of the party who can ignore, Lenovo S938T have 1.7GHz frequency MT6592 main eight-core processor, 1G RAM +8 G ROM memory, 1600000/8000000 pixel camera and 3000 mA battery, although more than a few large core specification is the current low level, to meet the daily operation should be no problem. In addition it supports TD-SCDMA + GSM dual sim dual standby, a common sensor and dual noise reduction technology to support wheat.

Lenovo S938T and S939 under the main supply line entities channel sales, so the starting price of these two products are more than 2000 yuan, but Lenovo Mobile has always been a “king of the price dive” reputation, after S938T also listed on the way down, until now thousands nearby million, eight thousand big the addition of a nuclear unit, the brand has required users to be considered.

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