With super, HIFI two features, X series X1/X3 become a classic product vivo, vivo X3 there are several subsequent launch of upgraded versions, such as the eight-core version, version of 4G, now more of a telecommunications version. When Xshot starting value, vivo official side to the outside world of their own upcoming first telecommunications products, the new machine named vivo X3V.

X3V as its first telecommunications standard vivo models, more communication modes supported by everyone concerned, X3V Xiaolong 400 equipped with a platform that supports five modes 15 frequency, including telecommunications 4G (TDD-LTE), and a dual-SIM slot equipment, dual sim dual standby dual pass, voice should be adopted SG-LTE solutions, dual card access calls without disturbing each other. X3V also currently supports a handful of 4G telecom products.

X3V retain the X series of ultra-thin, HIFI features, will carry ES9018 audio chip, the size of a little thicker than the X3, is 6.75 mm, but still slim, the whole design will not have much change, may increase other color. In addition to the machine's memory will be running 2GB, there are customized based on Android 4.4 Funtouch OS deployment, other issues such as the screen, camera and other parts of the specification should maintain the level X3S.

Concern is consistent X3V pricing and X3S, X3L other models, or 2,498 yuan, before the end of this month will be fully listed for sale.

vivo X3V release supports telecommunications 3G/HIFI / Slim-86DIGI