At WWDC, Apple made a big deal about the improved safety that iOS 8 brings to its devices. Lots of these new features, however, aren't readily visible for us to see.

Security expert, Frederic Jacobs has discovered that iOS 8 uses random network identifiers when it scans for WiFi access ports.

iOS 8 cracks down on WiFi hotspot tracking-86DIGI

This means that the only time that the identity of your iDevice is discovered is when you actually connect to a w WiFi hotspot. So operators of hotspot locations won't know anything about your iDevice or get your position until you actually connect to their network.

Although this seems like a very basic means of securing a device, this could have huge implications for the mobile phone industry, which hasn't really been known for its privacy as of late. It will be interesting to see if other mobile phone platforms implement the same security precautions.