4G comes rushing tide, though it is just open the curtain 4G war, but many domestic manufacturers have launched 4G smartphone to seize the market, many dozens, at least two or two and, of course, there are many brands is very calm, wait and wait for the best time to re-attack.

DOOV is a very different type of domestic mobile phone brand, founded in 2009, has been the main audience of female users, specializing in women's cell phone in the country regarded as a minor celebrity female mobile phone brand, duo CD is not the first follow-up in the 4G era launch 4G product manufacturers, however, progress did not fall too far, the official listing of its T90 currently on sale. Also recently there is models for the new duo CD S2L exposure of 4G, this phone is designed to be more beautiful, and there may be equipped with MTK 4G plan.

The reason for this speculation is because DOOV S2L Processor Model information is not marked, only gives the "1.3GHz" CPU clock frequency, the current $ level chips used in 4G mobile phone is nothing more than a high-pass MSM8928/26 ( 1.6G, 1.2G), MSM8930 (1.4G) Kirin 910 (1.6G) and Marvell 1L88 (1.2G), etc., have not yet found the main frequency of 1.3GHz LTE 4G chip. The MediaTek MT6592 LTE will be launched only solution currently selling MT6582 may also have LTE versions listed, Alcatel ONETOUCH POP S7 will carry the main frequency of 1.3GHz quad-core MTK program, to support LTE networks. Combination of the above information speculate that if the frequency information is correct, perhaps the same duo CD S2L MTK6582 LTE version is equipped to achieve TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA and GSM tri-mode support.

In addition to the core of the processor models in doubt, other specifications of this new 4G is very clear, DOOV S2L uses the same 5-inch S2 Series 720P resolution screen, using the OGS full lamination technology, built-in 1G RAM +8 G ROM memory and 2000 mA battery, runs Android 4.4kitkat system. Female core smartphone camera aspect, S2L specifications and S2 standard version of the same, after the former 5,000,000 8,000,000 pixels mix, supplemented Mirror cam2.0 applications to achieve beauty and more camera features.

In fact, the highlight of the aircraft or the design duo CD S2L have white and red colors, contours and S2, although the same, but the back cover of the machine there is a stylish diamond texture, which makes a lot of beautiful addition thickness of fiber thin, size 143.6 * 71.28 * 8.9mm.

MTK LTE uses four suspected nuclear program DOOV S2L exposure-86DIGI

According to previous news shows, MediaTek fastest LTE chips this quarter, many domestic manufacturers have a single, duo CD S2L whether to spend one of the first manufacturers MTK LTE solutions, please refer to subsequent messages.