ZTE teases upcoming Nubia Z7 flagship

ZTE has started the teaser campaign about for its new flagship – the Nubia Z7. First it was the CEO of ZTE’s smartphone division, Ni Fei, and now a peek at the back of the device. It bears the characteristic Nubia mark of a red circle used both on the Home key and around the camera lens.

Official ZTE Nubia Z7 teaser image

The first teaser image shows only the camera and the LED flash on the back. MyDrivers may be ahead of the curve with two additional images that show the Home button from the side, revealing square metallic sides that are very similar to an iPhone or Ascend P6/P7.

Leaked ZTE Nubia Z7 teasers

The rumored specifications for the ZTE Nubia Z7 are a 5″ 1080p screen, Snapdragon 805 chipset with 3GB RAM and a 16MP optically stabilized camera. The phone will feature a new iteration of ZTE’s custom UI, Nubia UI 2.0.

There’s a press release by ZTE that details the Nubia Z7, unfortunately our Chinese is quite rusty. A quick pass through Google translate reveals mentions of a fingerprint scanner and eight cores though the context of that is unclear (the Snapdragon 805 has a quad-core processor). If any Chinese speakers can post a translation in the comments it would be very helpful.

A press release about the ZTE Nubia Z7

Anyway, the ZTE Nubia Z7 will be unveiled this month and will cost CNY 2,700 (around $450) according to the rumor mill.

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