BLU many users may not be familiar with the brand's headquarters in the United States, but most of the products introduced very Chinese style, can be found in a variety of products designed to match the domestic models, such as the country was in uproarLIFE PURE series , Jin ELIFE E6/E7 on the design exactly.

Today BLU say this phone is the latest product, also under the LIFE series called LIFE 8, it Amagatarai nibiru Mars One is simply the brother of the brother - in addition LOGO is not the same, have cast doubt on this mobile phones by day language ODM products.

The most obvious point is the same as BLU LIFE 8 also has so-called "paper clip" design, the bottom of the fuselage to handle circular surface, and the other is rich in colors, offers a variety of versions of red, white, green and orange, etc., unpublished measurements information, presumably also belong to a class of slim. Slightly different place after the shell, below the main camera and more out of the BLU LOGO and 8.0MP text.

Although the design and nibiru H1 is quite similar, the core specification a lot worse than H1, BLU LIFE 8 equipped with a main frequency of 1.7GHz eight-core processor, MT6592 is no doubt that the memory is 1G RAM +8 G ROM with, there 5 inches 720P resolution screen and 2000000/8000000 pixel camera, support for HSPA + 21M network and GSM network.

LIFE 8 also temporarily unable to purchase online, the price nor released, due to the large price difference between domestic and foreign, Paul allowed the opportunity to sell more expensive than some of Nibiru H1.

Nibiru H1 resembles the BLU Life 8 coming soon-86DIGI
Nibiru H1 resembles the BLU Life 8 coming soon-86DIGI