Meizu should cooperate with mediatek into the 4 g market
News travels a lot of time, both the basic no suspense, cooperation for now and meizu is likely to be the first to useMT6595One of the brands.As the meizu MX4 to released by the end of the news, people will once again turned to MT6595 new product may step listed earlier.

The earliest release meizu @ to launch MT6595 phone messageSteven pan,Forecast again a few days ago, said the meizu may with in AugustMTK6595Solutions, 4 g products low prices, so the forecast by unreliable?The information we combine together in the near future analysis.

As is known to all, MTK MT6595 production time to market is in the third quarter of this year, the first launch is AP + LTE baseband dual chip solutions, reliable according to the present domestic several big brands under the single, as for the exact time to market, MT6595 ongoing Comptux exhibitions, MTK Zhu Shangzu wireless division general manager announced the answer MT6595 SOC in August of this year, combined with early meizu will take the lead in put out MT6595 chip product news, it is not hard to see Steven pan, give a time proven.

Take a look at the meizu this phone price, analysts with the "lower" this interesting word, can be understood as "xinji meizu phone cheaper than ever", can also be associated with the environment of high, medium and low three gears pricing, meizu product may be low price.News said anything before the meizu to launch "one thousand yuan", that doesn't seem, MTK executives made clear that MT6595 is at presentmediatekSpecifications of the highest mobile phone chips, its location is about 2000 yuan in the high-end market, of course, the manufacturer's end products have their own position, stand in the perspective of meizu speculate that the MT6595 phone pricing may use "one thousand yuan" to describe more appropriate, price may not be higher than 2 k.

MTK power is determined to put forward the "super", let each user can find products that meet the ideal price,MT6592Eight nuclear redefined the $one thousand machine, MT6595 eight nuclear will increase the value, give users a better experience.

Price is focus the meizu MT6595 mobile phones or to MT6595-86DIGI