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Fleksy become the first to support Apple iOS 8 system, third-party input method

according to foreign media reports, application developers Syntellia today shows to the outside world Fleksy input method successfully run on iOS 8 system. This is the first third-party input method application for Apple iOS8 system.

Fleksy input from the Syntellia launched in 2011. When typing using Fleksy input method, even if the user wrong all the letters, and even beyond the keyboard click, Fleksy also intelligently identify the user wants to input a word. Myopia, the visually impaired and blind people can know peace panel touch screen mobile phone fast and easy typing.

All along, Apple devices do not support third-party input method, users need to install Sogou, QQ and other mainstream input method through escape to. In Monday's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple finally announced iOS 8 system will support third-party input method application.

Developers are very pleased that Apple finally decided to embrace the open platform, recognized the importance of third-party input method.

Fleksy released an iOS 8 input information application using Fleksy photos, and invited developers to test beta trial. However, Fleksy not yet announced when it released the official version.

Currently, there are many third-party input method developers expressed their willingness to support Apple iOS 8 system. Apple is still a major conference to show off the input method - Swype - specific application system in iOS 8, another popular Android input method Swiftkey also expressed compatible iOS 8. Unfortunately, China does not yet have domestic third-party input method developers announced support for iOS 8 systems.