June 4 news : news from Taiwan's industrial chain , Apple iPhone6 ​​version will have two screens , a 4.7 -inch , 5.5 -inch one is that the former has long been ready for production work , while the latter will be difficult to overcome .

According to sources, the 5.5 -inch version of Apple's iPhone will soon solve the problem of insufficient capacity battery , domestic foundry Sunwoda ( Yan Wanda ) has signed an agreement with Apple , they will be this year for the big -screen version of the iPhone battery supply 20 million , the price of the battery module is about 40 million.

Sunwoda order to resolve the current full, capacity planning issues in the negotiations has been re- rented two- plant expansion , the company plans from the current 120 production lines, expanded to reach 180 by the end of the production line . Sunwoda provide large-size ( 5.5 inches ) of iPhone6 ​​battery module , commenced volume shipments in May and June , the current share of about 20% -30 %.

In addition, the industrial chain sources also said that Apple is full of confidence for iPhone6 ​​, 4.7 -inch version of the order volume this year is expected at 60 million , while the 5.5 -inch version of the 20 million , and its capacity will be no small difficulty , the fastest settling time will be in the next year .