mediatekOfficially released its a tablet SOC - againMT8127, the SOC is not only the continuation of the MTK has always stressed the low power design, and strengthen the function of multimedia, integrated the MALI - 450 mp4 quad-core graphics processors, support HDMI hd output and h. 265 / H2.64 1080 p hd video playback and recording 1080 p, therefore in the MTK MT8127Before his releaseCool than rubik's cubeFirst introduced a MTK8127 quad-core tablet, with 299 yuan price seconds kill many entry-level products prices.

But for MTK8127 master is not only interested in a CUBE, becomes has officially announced that its latest chi upcoming for VX8 VX series, and give the price is very explosive, this new formal price will not exceed 500 yuan, 499 yuan is secure.

Nibiru, new: introduction has a performance-price ratio-86DIGI

Chi for VX8 rendering has been released, and VX series of previous product modelling different angular hale and hearty, circular VX8 design style, positive corner radian is bigger, a front-facing camera equipment.

Now can know VX8 in addition to carrying the MTK MT8127 quad-core processors, get exposure and tablet according to specifications, VX8 will be equipped with an 8 inch IPS screen, mainstream 16:10-1280 * 800 resolution, other specifications temporarily not released, so new product will be like from other products integrated with 3 g Internet function and doubt.

Actually in this year's Hong Kong spring electronics show, chi to has a built-in MT8127 quad-core calls new exposure, namedVX6, its design and VX8 seems very similar, but is 7 "1280 * 800 IPS, 1 g + 8 gb of memory and 2 million pixel cameras configuration, VX8 for VX6 upgrade version?Only wait for official release certificate.