Phone sector Tesla – Estar takee holographic phone

Android phones the moment the camp , boring and lack of innovation . The major mobile phone manufacturers have is running out of tricks , there is no significant difference in the configuration of helpless PK cost , tossing do not know when is the end . If the phone actually boring circle seems to calm down from the excitement , but added that some people a message worth noting – iPhone6 ​​to come, there is news rumor may have holographic display, various effects of video floating around ; Amazon in the hardware more further , there is news that the upcoming release of ” class holographic phone” ( actually using the naked eye 3D technology ) . More specifically , the Estar ‘s takee holographic phone will be released in June .
Returning to the innovative mobile phone sector , may finally usher in a far-reaching impact on innovation – holographic phone (Holographic mobile phone). Possible for most people , science and what is still very necessary holographic phone : Holographic phone is calculated using holographic display technology, an innovative hand-held terminal . It starts by tracking the position of the human eye , then the data model based on the hologram , according to the position of the human eye , to calculate the actual holographic image, and then the left and right eye stereoscopic image is projected onto the human eye through a precise directivity special display screen retina , thus making the eye and the physical environment to produce exactly feel the same visual effect.
In simple terms, a holographic image on the display looks like “floating on the screen ,” the hologram , like , from any point of view and has a 3D effect.
Holographic interactive technology with air phone , called the broad application prospects .
Play the game. Holographic phone displays stereoscopic images to racing games , for example, various runway scene is no longer simply mimic diagram . Thanks to the phone’s aerial stereoscopic display holographic effects, three-dimensional sense of depth through the tunnel becomes genuineness , foliage of trees on both sides will also be clearly visible , the car zips rolled leaves swaying in the air will be presented in real your eyes .
Visiting the Lynx . Now businesses in order to more clearly show the true details of goods , commodities have to lay out the photos from different angles . Even so , in order to clear and intuitive understanding of the need for you to buy goods over to you repeatedly photos from different angles and build up a complete three-dimensional product in mind for the job , in fact, so completely in charge of the mental to the holographic phone completed: displays a complete three-dimensional holographic product directly on the phone , just flip the finger can see any details you want to see.
Car navigation. A typical scenario is when you want to drive on a viaduct several layers of three-dimensional , it is displayed on the screen plane indicated by the arrow , in the end of the road on which one can not help but tangled difficult to distinguish . Holographic screen on the phone this problem is almost non-existent : the three-dimensional projected directly on the screen of the viaduct , structured route clear how a glance forward .
Watching movies. Unlike traditional naked eye 3D display single perspective exists , the actual experience of the inevitable overlap , dizziness and other discomfort . Holographic display viewing results situations completely solve the problem , every point of view is perfect 3D display, more three-dimensional characters more real scene has shocked the senses naturally not saying much .
In addition to the above scenarios , more possibilities are within your imagination ‘s . Such as holographic video call , the other as if in front of you ; holographic education, knowledge of the ins and outs of vivid and rich , entertaining ; holographic image capture to print and give yourself a pat on the hologram 3D printers can even print out an own … …
Having said that , a mule is a horse or to pull out yo . At the upcoming June and look Estar ‘s takee holographic phone will bring a whole new kind of experience ?

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