Apple Worldwide Developers Conference released the latest version of the above preview two operating systems iOS and OS X. Two next-generation system is more innovative than in the past to repair function.

iOS 8: voice messaging functions limited impact on existing markets

Talk about iOS 8, the new version of OS X and Swift-86DIGI

I remember when iOS 6 has just been released , I was worried that Apple's share in the market , will lead to some of its built-in software monopoly in danger , will be subject to third-party tools may affect Apple . It was the launch of Apple's own products when map . Apart from me , there are a lot of people are worried about the impact Google Maps suffered because Google Maps is adjusted once during the transfer of other applications out of the default map , and now he was replaced by Apple's own map . At that time Apple also released Siri, the voice assistant while also being rushed with the domestic variety of similar products Chung up front crash .

Facts have proved that such things did not happen later . Because Apple 's influence is simply not so great, for foreign developers also can equanimity , just like China , not to mention the developers of a planet from another . Apple's own deficiencies do these things have helped a lot . A year after Apple's map appears among the bumps always appear misplaced map data and navigation failures , etc., so that Apple had to publicly apologize for the missing maps .

This time the iOS 8 and OS X which Apple has integrated into a familiar feature is the iMessage which can hold down the send voice . This alternative messaging application iMessage in the end how many people use ? In fact, that there were many , say a lot less . Use iMessage garbage marketing, has been public attention. But it can not be used to reach more Android users.

After Apple , millet and Meizu have launched a network messaging features, like iMessage also with the principle that only two parties are using their systems in order to receive it. Such standards are not uniform on , inadvertently formed to reduce their combat effectiveness . As long as iMessage and ring talk can communicate , then the operator's regular text messaging days may come to an end is not far . But the current situation it is hard . Similarly, the micro-channel , Line, WhatsApp and other instant messaging software do not have to worry about their fate affected. They also have stickers, games and other rich platform , already beyond the scope of general chat .

Although Cook did not hesitate to ridicule that those who buy Android system simply because they bought the wrong , then you want for a better experience . But iOS 8 which has many new details are now very much like Android , for example, notification center which can be done directly operate in native Android ROM version and some other modifications which are reflected . Of course, in my mind , iPhone positioning is like a hammer to locate the phone , these people are not willing to do to change the default settings and personalized adjustments. After adjustment and matching, in fact, Android phones can exceed the ease of use on the iPhone , but this time-consuming, the default option from the point of view, Apple's superior.

OS X Yosemite: Mac is expected to become universal time entry system

Talk about iOS 8, the new version of OS X and Swift-86DIGI

Desktop OS X update is also worth mentioning . Because now, more and more people start using Apple's desktop and notebook carry out daily activities , but also that OS X system is not thought so before unacceptable , not so non-Windows can not . In fact, behind this reflected , or Chinese consumption level has greatly improved . If you rewind time 5-6 years ago, Apple is definitely a luxury , it will have a sense of elegance glamorous , but also will have the kind of see someone running Windows will feel indignation among the Mac . Mac now has been able to make most of our daily operation of the Internet , and some of the client 's performance but also far stronger than the Windows version . So this system will spread and be more understanding in the crowd .

Although the latest generation of OS X, Yosemite , as the first not to felines as a nickname for the operating system , but also the introduction of iOS 7 since the beginning of the flat style, but such changes are expected in our , so it did not bring particularly strong visual impact. The ultimate effect of the interface is also more in line with nature.

I believe this generation of OS X, the system will become more enlightened new users into the Apple platform when encountered . For them, the allure of the system as much as a surprise when you bring a computer user's Windows XP release, will serve as guidance for their milestones leading to the computer age .

In addition, the function of adding more original OS X on iOS devices implement only function, leading to a unified desktop, laptop and mobile phone, tablet functionality. Now you can use different devices to interact with different means to achieve the same functionality. Microsoft, Google and other companies are trying to function under a unified product line yourself up, and be able to interoperability. This trend has been very clear .

Swift: lowering the threshold of iOS Programming

Talk about iOS 8, the new version of OS X and Swift-86DIGI

For developers, Apple released a health equipment, wearable hardware unified management system, in addition to a new programming language Swift. This language barriers greatly reduced, it should be said that can help some beginners feel more confident to enter the programming platform. Before this new language release, iOS programming has become the three major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) among the most difficult one, mainly because it is a single programming tool, Objective-C language is relatively obscure compared to other languages provides a flexible conversion function and assembly programming tools like building blocks, or even generate applications with HTML and XML pages.

Believe that the new language will further spawned the birth of iOS visual programming, making it no longer do the procedure code agricultural patents, may be spread among more people. After The programming is also likely to be text, images, sound and video, but also a way for ordinary people to express their feelings and ways of carrying information.