Beijing on June 3 morning news , Apple held 2014 annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2014) in San Francisco . Phoenix Technologies , Phoenix Digital to bring the entire video , graphic live . The conference, Apple released a new generation Mac operating system release , called "Yosemite".

Craig Federighi said , Yosemite will make changes in three areas: interface, application and persistence .

In the interface , OS X Yosemite icon design similar to iOS 7 flattened , windows navigation bar using the so-called semi-transparent material, the new " close, minimize , full screen button ." Finder toolbar also adopted this style resembles Windows 7 . Notification Center for a new design, more iOS , increase the calendar , schedule , and always , weather, third-party applications can also be extended . Lancher also been completely improved , Spotlight search is also completely changed , supported desktop search , also supports unit conversion , such as currency.

In the application , first contact information , to work with files, calendar, friends, family match , but also in which to search . Secondly , iCloud Drive as Apple's own cloud storage service, you can sync files directly in the Finder , similar to Dropbox and Google Drive, " on windows can also use this feature ."

Yosemite can be achieved by MailDrop similar to " large attachments Scratch " function, large attachments can be downloaded directly via iCloud Drive (synchronous ) , 5GB of Annex maximum support . The principle is to automatically generate a secure link for users to click to download instead of bounce messages . Such messages can solve the problem of too big to receive .

Apple released OS X Yosemite: iPhone phone can be connected to play-86DIGI

Yosemite released the new Safari, support for Google searches, support privacy window browsing capabilities. Safari tab management more convenient , while the application of the new technology on a multi- tabbed browsing Safari performance , becoming the fastest browser. More power through software optimization , the MacBook Air can have two hours of extended hours .

In continuing on , Apple iOS and OS X AirDrop open , so that Apple users can quickly transfer files via AirDrop . Prior to iOS 7 , Apple iOS system to join the AirDrop feature , but only for iPhone 5/5s/5c such as transferring files between devices . OS X Yosemite also supports iMessage on Mac computer display , you can view the phone via SMS Mac , iPhone through Mac can answer the telephone or even make a call, even if not on a Mac with iPhone room .

Apple announced the new OS XYosemite continue free strategy , will be open later today developer version to download, free to the public this fall offers