MT6589T HIKe X1 Youth Version

And launch PHANTOM, PANDORA, like the first generation of products, HIKe Hacker phones launched in the third quarter and full-function camera as the main selling point of the X1 and X1D, the difference between the two products is that X1 is a single SIM card design, and X1D you can support dual card dual standby, consistent with both the other specifications, different design styles only. On the visibility, X1 fame louder, because it has equipped version of Ali cloud OS for more users recognized.

The legendary X2 long no movement, HIKe has pioneered the youth version of X1, “youth version” in the name has been explained, this version of the specification will be lower than the X1. HIKe X1 and X1 youthful look exactly the same version, measurements are 143.9 * 70.5 * 9.9mm, the same figure and X1 sleek, one-piece fuselage using CNC technology, destined not to replace the battery, and only a bit Micro SIM card.

X1 youth version shrunk the most obvious part of the memory, the 2G +32 G is reduced to 1G RAM +16 G ROM, do not support the expansion valuable is still powerful camera, front is 500 million pixels, support for 88-degree wide-angle, the main camera to 13 million pixels, specifications and X1 are the same, the built-in camera HIKe camera supports voice, intelligent beauty and ZSD zero delay shooting and so on. Another processor, screen, and battery core specifications have not changed, equipped with 1.5GHz quad-core processor main frequency MT6589T, 5 inches 1080P Full fitting screens and 2300 mA battery, Android-based custom HUI, have their own HIKe fast pass built-in.

HIKe X1青春版

Features worth highlighting some of the youth there HIKe X1 retained the original version of the X1, X1 youth version should be one of many other domestic rare shrunk version of the product supports NFC, the machine while retaining the OTG, dual microphone, LED indicator and barometer, compass, matches Hacker own smart accessories more interesting experience.

Shrink and not too serious HIKe X1 youth version was sixty-one start booking, the official starting time is at 10:00 on June 4, snapping price of 799 yuan, 500 yuan cheaper (X1 sale 1299 yuan) than X1.

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