ZOPO's rookie is a special product, with a slim figure is one of its highlights, the biggest change compared with previous products where it is built MIUI system Zopo rookie listed, you know, once the phone is Zopo Ali cloud OS partner, before almost all models equipped Ali OS.

The "most beautiful Zopo phone" market price is not cheap, reached 1,899 yuan, even starting a discount also need 1,699 yuan, in order to attract more users, Zopo recently held a version of the Android version of the MIUI vote, Andrews version of victory, 1,299 yuan will be able to start, but just a few days ago, this phone MIUI version is also quietly dropped 1,299 yuan sale.
Android version with the same price Zopo rookie MIUI version 1299 yuan-86DIGI

System is essentially the difference between the two, MIUI version Zopo rookie first listing of the default factory equipped based on the depth of customization meters grapefruit Android system version is V5, deep integration of many features MIUI for like MIUI user choice, the subsequent launch of the Android version is clearly the favorite native user system tailored.

Zopo Rookie MIUI version in addition to specialty systems, and integrated structure is also the first application of this product to the body of the aircraft's SIM card is located in the fuselage side, single-bit dual card slot design that supports W + G dual card dual standby, but can not be extended after the demolition of the shell with a memory card. In exchange for the benefits that are currently ZOPO Zhuopu rookie thinnest phone, only 7.2 mm.

Basic configuration, the rookie MIUI version of a main frequency of 1.7GHz eight-core MT6592 processor, 1G RAM +16 G ROM memory, with 5 inches 720P resolution full-fitting screens, and black. 2, has a 5-megapixel front and rear 14 million pixel dual cameras, standard 2100 mA battery, support OTG, dual noise reduction as well as Wifi-display wheat and other functions.