Henceforth, the long pending product will become the backbone of Yitong, P Series only Pathfinder stone, really big move is not yet released Yitong Thor (I9), with the advent of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Raytheon five month listed again hopeless.

The phone users do not have to look down, the current phone network has been audited by the Ministry of Industry, clearing the way for the listing of, plus the recently released long been planned, this time Yitong Thor really coming.


Compare strange is that the internal model Yitong Raytheon network information and official propaganda I9 some discrepancies display specifications biggest gap, has been the official have said Raytheon's screen size is 5.7 inches with a resolution of 1080P level, and network data is displayed as 5 inches qHD resolution screen! When this condition may be shaped input errors or censorship is an early engineering machine, which also led to measurements data is not reliable, according to the following chart table shows, I9 measurements are 146 * 73.5 * 9.5 mm, and the other five gap-inch screen size product is not, in fact, has a 5.7 ​​inches screen Yitong Thor figure should be closer to the phone looks pretty, but definitely thicker.

Raytheon well tailored "Thor armor", the fact is that the reputation of the shell, left and right sides curve decorative lines, better conceal the 5000 mA battery thicker brought great visual sense, the same appears to have enough personality.

Really want to come! 5000 mA battery Yitong Raytheon Network-86DIGI

Yitong I9 Raytheon flagship long standby, 5000 mA battery makes a great looking aircraft incomparable endurance performance, but there are excellent specifications Raytheon, remove the aforementioned 5.7-Inch 1080P screen is also equipped with three generations of Corning Gorilla glass, equipped with 1.7GHz main frequency MT6592 eight-core processor and 2GB of DDR3 memory on internal storage space for 16GB, there are 13 million after former 5000000 pixels (f/2.0 / blue glass filters / 5P lens) camera, and Raytheon teamed COLOR OS to build custom systems. Yitong Raytheon also supports back-touch, integrated gyroscope and other sensors to support TD-SCDMA 3G mobile networks.