letv, as do the phone? Why bother

Able to make the product come down and do not represent a truly new players in the mobile phone industry will be able to survive.

Last week, a hammer phone release caused some controversy, Overheating fans of “I just seriously,” the confession of extreme identity, and a very short time it was Luo brush out of the booking amount of 50,000 units, so two days old Luo 10% completed the task, but also allow more ready to enter this market novices saw the rage of hope. So, this week will be about the music, as the news reached the mobile phone market began to spread rapidly, but, to be a mobile phone really that easy?

Tell the truth, under MediaTek and Qualcomm desperately promote “turnkey” package, it really is not too difficult to enter the mobile phone market. Prior to Qualcomm QRD (reference design) the responsible person in an interview made it clear that, with the technical support of Qualcomm aspects of current research and development of a mobile phone manufacturers have been able to shorten the time for about three months.That is to say, in terms of technical barriers, today’s mobile phone industry has certainly not high, even if there is no foundation for the vendor, just find the fly ODM partner really can fiddle with a decent product to. For example, the phone is rumored to do the music video and its hardware partners ODM aspects of the story is the “big get” Foxconn. The problem is that the product can be poured to make, does not represent a truly new players in the mobile phone industry can be based on ah!

Take the water had been tested in the field 360 for it, then plans to direct 360 special for the machine’s answer millet, and is thoroughly light mode, only to engage in hardware and software co-OEM does not even touch, the results do ? A “fly line” events have led to a big defeat, eventually had to retire quietly. This shows that there is no core competitiveness, to Fun fact, the mobile phone industry is not so simple. To know that the millet into the mobile phone market, is now using MIUI lay a mass base, and even mobile phones just released the hammer, at least, now nearly polished hammer ROM year’s time, or else rely solely on the homogenization of hardware customization, Internet companies wanted to conquer the increasingly discerning consumers easily, how could so easily?

What’s more, the entire process of mobile phone consumption is also not a simple one-shot deal, intelligent age, experience Competition software services, after-sales contest the strength and reputation of the dispute channel marketing, side to sideall things are required manpower and material resources investment, this is not mere money, spend time will solve the problem, even if these are resolved, the price competition has been heating up today, in order to make money in the mobile phone business is not so easy. To know just released annual report of the most successful in the history of the association, although the mobile phone business achieved annual sales of 50 million, but Yang ‘s evaluation is only willing to give a “do not lose money now”, and can not earn a lot of money boasted said. When such a tough world, blending music as to why he insists on it? Some might say that this will give consumers more choice, but the problem is that does not mean more than good genes lack of hardware, software and services to promote only needs to provide better visual music choices for us?

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