How to make G3 Focus LG camera phones become the fastest laser-86DIGI


Tencent Digital News (compiled: Hamish) LG 's new flagship camera phone G3 features a very compelling, not because it is equipped with a 13 million pixel camera and optical image stabilization system, but because it is the first time equipped with a laser autofocus system. Let's look at how this system works.

When you get into the camera after application, G3 will emit a laser beam from the cone and camera on the same side of a window. After the phone will be based on the length of time the laser is reflected back to determine the distance of the object, and then to focus. Principles and bat sonar system similar to the system, but it uses an infrared wavelength laser, so the human eye can not detect.

The strange thing is, after LG did not develop similar technology. LG began to study laser Hom-Bot robot vacuum cleaner, but ultimately failed to complete this function. LG mobile team saw an opportunity to integrate technology, this laser absorption feature, and now the company claims G3 is the world's fastest camera phone.

LG the information generated with traditional laser-focus AF and additional algorithms such as face detection for comparison, the hybrid AF system will give priority to the most useful data: LG said laser more useful in low-light conditions in the vicinity focus on the subject, and if the laser focus failure, the system will switch to the traditional focus mode. LG claims G3 AF time is 276 milliseconds, only the equivalent of a blink of time.


How to make G3 Focus LG camera phones become the fastest laser-86DIGI


LG camera interface uses a minimalist style pragmatism, in addition to the menu and exit button, all the other functions of the buttons are hidden. Under default settings, click anywhere on the screen to complete the focus and shoot the image. LG said it was on the market the fastest, most accurate AF system.

In actual use, we did not feel faster than G3 camera iPhone 5S and HTC One much faster. LG claims that this phone can be used in the best conditions less than a third the speed of image capture seconds to complete, but in fact in many cases it takes longer.G3 only milliseconds focusing speed advantage, this advantage is too weak. However, the introduction of laser focusing system really is a good innovation, it allows G3 camera features become more powerful.