Dual-core 3G eight Shenzhou X60 TS Ling Ya starting several new deals

Against “the people” of big brands , Shenzhou toss from entering the mobile phone industry is indeed a lot of wind and rain , of course, can do this step requires a certain confidence on the new machine launch rate, overshadowed a lot of second and third tier brands , not to mention the price of its products a rich temptations .

Shenzhou- month low-key release of X60 TS will finally usher in the first sale , time is on the 29th of 12:12 , users can have an appointment at the official buying mall, the first batch of users to enjoy the reservation price of 1199 yuan , However, several products from pricing before Shenzhou style view, even X60TS market price is 1299 yuan , or 1,199 yuan after the sale is estimated based, and should soon be on sale in Jingdong Mall was added to provide a more efficient purchasing channels.

3G support dual 6-inch FHD screen eight -core machine X60 TS starter , while the Shenzhou phone also held a series of promotions, price cuts of its products meet the Dragon Boat Festival , H45T2/T3 limited sale 399 yuan / 499 yuan , respectively , E50S1 / T1 sold 799 yuan , only 599 yuan popular models W50T2 Madden prices flat in cross- talk with X50TS H80 recently listed eight core or the original price , but buy X50TS then there is the original battery gift, ie standard the two batteries.

Anyway, despite the launch of the Shenzhou has a lot of products , but to give people a sense of design shines almost non- product , which has a relationship with its own product research and development, marketing strategies , and when to launch Shenzhou one more with the ” feel” of the product ?


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